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Hello all


Wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to spend my money on training. I have a commercial with 400 hrs TT and 100 turbine time. I'm Not sure if I should go get a CFI or spend the money on turbine time. Looking for my first job. Any advice on the best way to advance my career would be appreciated. Thanks

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Some R44 tours only require 500 or so hours and cherry drying is in the same ball park. There are options for pilots with no CFI rating, but they're few and far between and require you to have connections. A CFI rating certainly opens a lot more doors into the industry and can help you get started. The first one or two jobs are the hardest to get, and you might as well give yourself the biggest advantage.


Just as Eagle5 said, at your current position you might be able to get an ag job, but that's your only option, if you're planning on spending some money, you're either going to have to buy 600 more hours or get your CFI and find a job teaching.


Good Luck

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