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I have MS flight sim with a joystick and headset that I want to get rid of. Anyone have an interest or know anyone that might be interested. I also have a book to help with instruction.


I would be interested, but then I would be a hypocrite for laughing at the kids in my aviation class who spend every waking hour they aren't in class or flying, playing that damn game in our dorm lounge. Honestly, how much fun, or training, is one getting out of doing VFR approaches in a C-152 in MSFS? Dorks.


What's worse is that a bunch of them have it, and they like compete against each other or some sh*t. I don't know, I'm too busy out chasing women, working out, and drinking beer to be bothered with that sh*t. I fly enough during the week.


None of that was directed at you, OP.

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Haha, no worries. I got it several years ago in the hope of practicing IFR approaches at home. seemed like a good idea but something about spending time with my wife instead was better and i ended up flying enough during my instrument training i didnt have time to practice at home.


oh well.


It is the PC version. just make me an offer if interested.

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I practiced IFR on MSFS (and X-Plane, even though MSFS was easier) in a Bell JetRanger. I actually mocked up and modified the joystick and throttle to work like a collective and cyclic. I attached the cyclic to the front of an armless office chair, so it was in between my legs, and I rigged up the throttle on the left with an attached PVC arm to act like a collective. I had my computer hooked up to my 47" LCD TV, so it was pretty sweet. The nicest part was being able to actually fly the approaches I would be flying around my area, but also other ones to test my ability to read different charts, and use different types of approcahes.


And yes, I am a dork :P B)

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