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Helicycle hover taxi

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I had a friend just send this video of my Helicycle that I was unaware of him even taking it. I had just flown 120 miles from Illinois and was hover taxiing out to the active runway at Rochester, Indiana.


This is off another forum and you have to scroll down to the bottom of the link to see the video.





Stan Foster


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Stan you have one of the nicest HCs in the world! How much top end speed and economy did you add with your mods?

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Cburg- Thanks. I tried to accurately record my speeds at the same density altitude. I also averaged my GPS groundspeed into and with the wind. I gained over 4 mph with the landing gear fairings and another 3 mph with the swashplate, side and belly fairings. Total was over 7 mph increase. I can tell it as it feels slippery.


My top end before the streamlining was 112 mph. Now I can get it over 119 mph.


I still cruise around 100-105, but I do it with less collective and kerosene.


Love reading about your 269. Nice ship and have fun!




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