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Looking for recommendations on aviation reading material. Could be anything aviation related (including non-helicopter). A novel, technical material, autobiography, etc.


I'm currently re-reading Chickenhawk (Robert Mason)


Some of the recent books I've read:


+ The Little Book of Autorotations (Shawn Coyle)

+ Flight of Passage (Rinker Buck)

+ Flight to Heaven (Capt. Dale Black)

+ Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots (Greg Whyte)

+ The Encyclopedia of the World's Combat Aircraft (Bill Gunston -Salamander Books)


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If you enjoy Chickenhawk, then Low Level Hell by Hugh Mills is a must-buy. He was a Scout pilot in Vietnam flying the OH-6 (MD-500) and has so many decorations it is absurd. Plus the book is extremely well written. I liked it more than Chickenhawk.

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