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In Korea, working on packet

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Find out where the Aviation Brigade is stationed at. Go there, speak with the career counselor with them. Tell them what you're doing, act like a professional and they should be able to point you to someone.


What I was told is that no WO worth their salt will write you an LOR without seeing and reviewing your entire packet first. So, if I were you (and what I did), I'd get the entire packet together, organize it neatly in a binder with page protectors, make and exact duplicate, binder, page protectors and all, and walk into his office asking for his help. When the CW5 that wrote my letter wanted me to leave his office, and go make a copy of my packet and bring it back to him, I told him that the copy in front of him was a duplicate and it was his as far as I was concerned. I believe he was throughly impressed.

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The Aviation Brigade should be at Camp Humphreys. And the above is great advice. LORs have the shortest life of all your packet requirements and should be the last piece of the puzzle. If anyone, including the guys that work for me ask for one, I tell them exactly that. Finish your packet, bring me a copy and let me review it, then we can set up an interview. If all goes well I will write the letter.

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