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I don't mind showing someone how to do a maneuver, or explaining a concept. Its taking someone with 0 hours and being resposible for making sure they won't kill themselves on their first solo flight (or two days after their private checkride)! I don't want that kind of pressure, and I couldn't live with myself if it happened. THAT'S why I'm not a CFI! Not because I hate teaching!


If I could just be the part-time guy who fills in every so often, or just teach those who already have their private, then sure I'd do it,...but who wants to hire a CFI with limitations, when there are so many others out there willing to do anything?


Show me a school that's willing to hire an instructor who's not going to endorse anyone for solo flight, or to take their private checkride, and I'll get my CFI with them tomarrow!

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