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New HD multi-camera wireless controller

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FlightCam360 is proud to release the world's first 4cam wireless controller with active RF signal strength feedback. Now you can install your HD cameras and tune the performance of the wireless system with signal strength feedback displayed on the controller that takes these performance impacting factors into account:



battery life

noisy avionics


other environmental factors


The controller uses 2.4Ghz frequency and provides 2way communcation between the controller and all 4 cameras. There is no pairing needed between the controller and each of the cameras, as this happens automatically as the controller boots up and establishes a camera network.


No other controller in the world puts all this power in the palm of your hand!


You can learn more information about this system at www.flightcam360.com





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Why oh why would i need 4 cameras on a helicopter? Or plane? Would much prefer 1 quality camera that works in low light and has mega zoom to extreme wide angle capabilities.

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I'm surprised this ad is tolerated in this form.


Not a big deal. If they really understood marketing, he would have already bought ad space and would understand how to reach his customers. Right now, I view it as they have a product without business focus. The market is speaking loudly to them here. :)


Potential customer question #1: If I'm paying hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour to fly a mission that I want filmed, why would I not run all cameras all the time and edit the footage later. Switching off one of the cams might miss a crucial part of the mission that was unpredictable. Not trying to bust your b^lls just a real world example.

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