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Local airport job in Ft. Rucker, Contacts?

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I'm looking for a job on an airport near Enterprise/Dothan. I figured at least one or two members of this forum might know someone who could point me in the right direction or have a contact I could look up to try to earn myself some civilian employment prior to BOLC starting in January.


I'm a 2LT with 3 years prior service as an enlisted Infantryman. A competent, organized, hard-charger with a BBA focused in Management and a number of quality extra-curricular's during my college years. These include but are not limited to management consulting work, volunteering at an animal shelter, managing various projects such as organizing local fund-raising events for Disabled American Veterans and co-organizing a veterans interview training workshop.


I also have my PPL and know my way around the 172's. I'm looking for basically any work that would get me on an airport on a daily basis in order to learn more about that industry and would be willing to consider anything from cleaning bird sh*t off 172's to managing an FBO, both of which I am qualified to do.


Please let me know if you have any info that could help me out. Thanks!

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Go to Double Bridges Aviation at Enterprise Municipal Airport. Talk to Quinton. He owns the flight school and repair shop there and I always see random folks helping him out with aircraft maintenance.

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