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Adding Civilian Time to a 759?

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I know I'm just a low time PI WOJG, but I'm looking at the requirements for PC and different tracks down the road. My goal is to make PC at my current duty station, and track en route to my next (or before I go if I can). As I look at the requirements, obviously there are minimum hour requirements. I'm wondering if any of my civilian helicopter time (about 200 hours) has any merit when it comes to these minimums?


I noticed that on the 759, there is a block (Section B, block c) for civilian RW hours. Per my current SOP, I need to have 300 hours of flight time in category (ie helicopters) to be considered for PC. Also on the HRC website, it says that for the MTP, IP, or IE schools, you must have 500 RW hours (with 250 in the UH60). So, would my civilian time count toward this? Also, can I add it to my 759?

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Yep, flight ops will make a copy of your last page and write "certified true copy" on it. A quick entry into the computer.


As far as it counting for anything, well that's up to your commander / SP. You already meet their min hours for PC but that's just a basic requirement. You should have some sort of PC checklist with tasks that must be signed off??? By the time you get RL 1 and get all that stuff signed off, you should already have the min hours without your civ time. It'll help to have that time because instead of looking at you for PC at 300 hrs, in reality they're looking at 500 hrs.


I really wouldn't look at getting PC as hitting an hour level though. It helps but it's only one piece to the puzzle. Unless you're in a pretty weak unit, PC is more about getting proficient at your CTL than anything. Civ hrs won't mean a thing when it comes to that. You need to attend some time to know your aircraft & mission before you get PC. If not you'll be boarded with the min hrs and they'll be like "well what FTX experience does he have? How much instrument time? Has he done gunnery? How much NVG time? What about formation work?" If they can't answer questions like that with confidence in your abilities, total won't matter much.

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Thanks guys. I'll take my logbook to ops and see what they can do with it.


I understand that hours don't make a PC, I was just curious as to whether or not I would be able to check that box as far as minimums. Hell, I need 75 hours of NG time and considering that I've only flown 4 hours of NG in the last 2 months, that'll take awhile! Lol. In no way do I feel that I'm capable enough to be PC based solely on my hours. I need a lot more experience flying missions and becoming confident in everything I do.

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4 hrs NG in 2 months? Gotta get on that man. You'll barely break semiannual mins at that rate. Forget how to set the HUD up flying that infrequently. 😀

Lol, that's why I just flew with all of it up.


If you're hurting for NG time start planning NG flights, all they can tell you is NO or Yes.


If you walk up to your PC with a fully planned NG flight they aren't gonna be mad at you, if they are, they are not supporting you and your training requirements.

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Just take your log book to the operations guy/gal that does flight records and they will add your civilian flight time. That said, if you do not or can not impress the IPs and the folks that are already PCs with your skills, attitude, control touch and general flying/technical abilities, it won't matter if you have 15,000 hours in your records.

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