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Scheduling a flight physical

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Finally have part 2 scheduled for Saturday.


Because of my location they will be submitting the physical without the HIV results or the corneal topography. The HIV test results take about a month to process here and I cannot do the corneal topography in theater.


The medical personnel told me they will submit the results when they come back. I will have to submit my corneal topography results to a flight surgeon, who will submit it to Fort Rucker.


Does anyone have any experience with submitting different parts of the physical? How is Rucker at tracking single items like that? I hope it does not delay my approval too long.


Since I did my physical in one day, they didn't have the results of my HIV test back when submitting my stuff to Rucker. The flight surgeon did just flat out asked me "Do you think there's a chance you have it?" "How many sexual partners have you had in the last 12 months?" etc.


It was easy for me cause I had a civilian physical last year (no HIV), the MEPS physical about 5 months ago (no HIV) and only one partner over the last 2 years (my gf). So he basically told me he was going to submit my packet to Rucker before the HIV results came back and just note in there that my odds of contraction were extremely low.


Rucker still waits for the official bloodwork to come in though before approving you. I had no problem with mine being sent at different times and it got approved within 2 weeks.

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That is good to hear. I had a HIV test done right before I deployed so it was the same thing for me. I was just worried about submitting different parts separately. Thanks for the info.

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I'm going to throw out this bit of extra info to save others from the frustration I went through regarding the Flight Physical. Once your physical is complete and it's been sent to Fort Rucker, you still need to obtain a copy of it for your packet. Fort Rucker will stamp it and than send it back to the Aviation Medical where ever you were originally seen. It took about a week for all of this to happen, problem is, I never knew I was suppose to obtain a copy.


To obtain a copy of your FULL AND STAMPED Flight Phys, you should contact the Aviation Medical where you were seen and ask for a copy to submit with your packet. If you are in person I'm sure they can just hand it to you. If not, the only way they say they can send it is via faxing it to your recruiter.


Hopefully, I save someone a little frustration with this.

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