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crew chief to warrant pilot

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I have been and currently am a crew chief in the marine corps on 53's for about 9 years and was wondering if my flight time in the back will transfer over to the flight incentive pay bracket or not. My other question is will my sere c training from the navy transfer as well? And lastly if there are anyone out there who has been through the marine crew chief to woft transition your help would be very appreciated. I really don't know anyone who has gone through the process and am kind of flying blind.

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No. ACIP is Aviation career incentive pay. As enlisted, it's Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay, or something.

Basically, a whole different animal (Actually, apparently the Marines call it Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay? Edit: Nope...wrong again. Navy/Air Force. USMC uses Army method, I guess? If you're paid by rank, it's HDIP, if you're paid by time doing it, it's CEFIP)

Wouldn't want aviators getting paid the big bucks before their ADSO is up. Can you imagine someone being in flight school getting an extra $650 because they were a crew chief? It wouldn't fly. (No pun intended).

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When I went in 2007, it was 4 weeks if you were an E-5 with WLC (or equivalent), and 6 if not. Should be able to get that info on ATRRS and the warrant officer site, if you look closely enough. That's what I did, anyway.


You'd have to ask someone current if there's a specific "BOLC" class anymore. WOBC ends up being "flight school". We had an addition of BOLC 3A and 3B which was "officer" stuff. We also had JOPD which seemed like a week to tell the LTs what a warrant was, because we already knew. That was a waste. Plus all the other stuff.. mileage may vary.

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Back to WOBC now. Something like 3-4 weeks after WOCS and before you start flight school. Then an Aviation Leadership exercise on th back end. And good luck on the 5 vs 7 week. The idea of Sergeants course and SNCO academy doesn't compute with the Army. You may do the 5 and you may do the 7. It depends on what kind of mood they are in. Just supply the training cents and see what happens.

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