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everyone was ok, but?

Guest pokey

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Of course nothing similar has ever happened to me, but-

Slide in a brisk wind (about 25-30 knots), crabbing, turn the tail into the wind to clear passenger approach (which requires a honking amount of aft cyclic and pedal- don't remember which pedal),

skids down, decrease aft as collective down to level disk... add any power, like collective not down and latched, and I am told it might come up on the toes just like that one did.

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anyone know what the pilot experience level was in the Astar? Could he have panicked just as he set down and decided to abort? I also like the passenger collective theory, I've had passengers do some strange stuff on tours.

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I always brief the passengers to NOT touch the handles I am holding onto. Most of the time it works. This was an interesting video. I am interested in soon finding out what happened.

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look at it on Facebook, a different angle and the rocky recovery, flew away to change his underwear I reckon


You talking about this one??? The video in the OP ended in a destroyed helicopter.



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