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Altitude question for pilots


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My rules of thumb:

100' AGL for each minute of cruise, until engine power output reduces from maximum continuous. Example, the 250 C20 hits various limits during the summer at about 4000 MSL.

Climb at 600 fpm, cruise, and descend at 300 fpm ends up with about half the leg at cruise speed and altitude. For instance, a 30 minute leg- climb at 600 FPM to 3000 gal, cruise, initiate descent when remaining ETE divided by 300 fpm descent airspeed plus one minute for decel and positioning for final.

This doesn't work for 'draggy' or low VNE aircraft.

Also doesn't work well with increasing headwind with the climb.

Max cruise power into the wind, reduce power to decrease ground speed by half of wind gain....

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I voted according to what I fly most often. You should open another poll asking how we would prefer to fly :) I have to cruise below 500' due to my operating area. I would prefer to cruise much higher.


Wally - Why the 300fpm descent instead of 500fpm? Passenger comfort? Fuel efficiency?

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