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Well, I have been in the process of finding a good recruiter since mid-February now.

This may be a long post but I'm going to go through and explain what has been going on with my process.


To start off, I'm a civilian, recent college-grad, trying to go with the street to seat program. I live in a very rural part of Alabama. The closest recruiting stations are 40 and 60 miles away.

In mid-February i went to the closest recruiting station. I walked in, the recruiter asked me "How can I help you?" and I told him "I want to apply for the Warrant Officer program.". He explained that the process is a long and tedious one but that he could help me with it. He had me take the pre-asvab that only took 15 minutes. After seeing I would do well on the asvab he scheduled the PICAT asvab for me the following week.

He did not show up for our scheduled PICAT ASVAB appointment. I walked in and the other recruiter there did not know either and had to call my recruiter to get details. He then went about setting me up to take it and I proceeded to take the test. Meanwhile the recruiter there went in the hallway and trash talked the Army and kept on about how it was the worst decision he has ever made. Then he returned, fell asleep in the chair beside me and started snoring.

I kept taking the test and eventually passed with an 85 and 119 GT. I could have made higher if it weren't for the distractions. Anyways, after finishing and getting my scores he explained I qualified with the 119 GT score. He then told me that my scores would expire if I did not go to MEPs within 30 days. I thought this was my final asvab score and it didn't expire? He also said my recruiter would call the next day to schedule a trip to MEPs.

A week later I had not received a phone call. The following week I called 10 times. After the 10th time I figured that if he did not want to work with me it would be beneficial for me to pursue a different recruiter. I decided I would go to the recruiting station 60 miles away. I called that station today and asked for an appointment for tomorrow 03/31. I was given a bunch of screening questions and was told they would check their calendar and call me right back.


30 minutes later I get a call and it is a different person. They tell me they can meet with me tomorrow morning and I said that would be great. I then said, to sort of test him, "I'm putting together a WOFT packet and was hoping to come in and talk with you about it." Which he responded with "Are you already enlisted?", I responded "No sir" and he began telling me how he thought I could not submit a packet without first enlisting. I let him go on, I did not want to correct him over the phone, and then he asks "If you can't submit a WO packet are you still willing to enlist?", which threw up red flags for me. I responded by saying "I would have to think about it" and that I would see him tomorrow. So I have a meeting tomorrow 60 miles away with a recruiter who doesn't know about doing WOFT packets...


I'm starting to get pretty frustrated. The next recruiting stations that I know of are Birmingham and Montgomery. Birmingham is a little more than 2 hours away and Montgomery is 3. If anyone knows of a recruiter that does WOFT packets in Alabama or can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I honestly do not know where to go or what to do from here. Any thoughts/tips/advice/motivation/criticism would also be great.




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Here's the thing, how much of the packet do you have complete already? Most of it you can do yourself, and really should. The first time you meet with a recruiter you should show him your almost complete packet and tell him what you need his assistance for. (SIFT, Flight Physical, APFT monitor etc...)

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On the SIFT front, approach your university you just graduated from and ask the ROTC department if they can proctor it. They SHOULD be able to, that's what I had to do. The Guard is a bit different, but they can't do much for me as a non-member. Unlike the ASVAB, you are going to want to study specifically for the SIFT to do well.



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