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Stopping near Rucker... any CWO's available this weekend?

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To Army Aviators!

I'm ferrying an aircraft from KS to FL for work this weekend and will be making a fuel stop in Dothan or Enterprise. I'm nearing completion on my civilian WOFT packet and would like to meet up with a Warrant Officer while in the area. I will be equipped with my test scores/information/resume and would sincerely appreciate a brief interview.


If available, my number is 772-559-4075. Thank you!



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I'm curious if you live in KS? If so PM me if you're looking to get in contact with any CWOs. I'm in the aviation brigade at Fort Riley and work with a lot of warrants I could get you some numbers or emails.

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Step 1) Get visitor pass to Rucker

Step 2) Go to the gas station by Lyster

Step 3) Wait near the beer section


Follow this procedure and you will probably run into about 40 CW3's, 30 CW4's, and a unicorn or two.

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@Luofynerd, I currently live in Manhattan while I wait to ship out to basic in September. Are you currently applying or already a pilot?


All of us Kansas folk coming out of the woodwork. Any other Flint Hills guys looking for a letter of rec? PM me and I can try to help get you in contact with one of mine.

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