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Reporting to WOCS

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I just signed a contract to attend WOCS next month. As a prior service Marine I am coming in street to seat. MEPS, has been very vague on what's going to happen when I arrive at Rucker. If anyone could clue me in I'd appreciate it.


Also, I am married and need to know what's going to happen with DMO and housing after completing WOCS. Any advice would be very helpful.

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I go to WOCS in April. I've spent the last year in the Guard. If you haven't done so already, there are some very different things that you'll probably want to learn to make your life easier.


1. When to salute is entirely different. IE if you are running a formation/reporting indoors, even with no cover on, you still salute. If you are outdoors in uniform, you salute. PT uniform is considered a uniform. I actually had a Plt Sgt almost go to blows over this with an army SSgt in Manas back in 2011. The army does, in fact, salute in beanies.


2. PT is run different. The TRADOC by the book way which is what you'll use at WOCS runs through what is called "PRT." From what I understand we'll start every workout with the "Preparatory drill" and end with the "recovery drill," basically 10 exercises and 5 stretches in a specific order. Check out some youtube videos (Army PRT). We never did like half those exercises in the USMC, and the preparatory commands which you'll need to know verbatim are different.


3. Some of the uniform regulations are also different, so it's worth skimming AR 670-1.


4. There is an Army song and an Army creed. They are not to the tune of the Marine Corps hymn lol. We will need to know those by heart, or so I'm told.


5. The lingo is different. There is no "aye," you'll get looked at funny when you say "deck," "head," "bulkhead," etc.


One perk to being guard is I got to attend a pre-wocs course one weekend. It really showed me what I didn't know about armying. It's very similar, but it's different enough, that especially going straight to WOCS, you are gonna be in for a culture shock. That said, plenty have done it before so I'm sure they're used to it.


I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but learning a few of those things should cut back a little stress/stuff you have to learn on the fly at WOCS.


Good luck



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