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Longest Range Helicopter?

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Hi everybody,


New user here,


Ive always been fascinated with RC helicopters, and helicopters in general.


Ive tried researching on Google, with few answers to my question:


What mass-produced helicopter (minimum 250 made), civilian or military, any country of origin, has the longest range?


And, assuming the helicopter was designed to be outfitted with additional fuel tanks and those tanks were installed and used.


Helicopters that have mid-air refueling capabilities extending the range would count, but assume that mid-air refueling is not done and the longest range is based upon only one initial fully fueled helicopter.


Thanks for any input!

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For long range, people use an airplane to get to where the helicopter is. Then they use its unique abilities to get the job done at short range.


Few choppers are designed with range in mind, apart from a few servicing the offshore market.


With a special fuel tank, our A109 had a range of 400nm with 20 min reserve.

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April 1966: Chief Test Pilot Robert G. Ferry of Hughes Tool Company’s Aircraft Division flies the number three prototype YOH-6A, 62-4213, from the company airport at Culver City, California, non-stop to Ormond Beach, Florida, a distance of 3,561.55 kilometers (2,213.04 miles). Bob Ferry set three Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) World Records for Distance Without Landing.¹ All three records still stand.


FAI World Air Sports Federation Records




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