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WOCS Phase 1 and Phase 2 difference

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Phase 1 is Distant Learning to my understanding, AKA blackboard assignments that we have to do. I'm active duty and got 3 emails within a month of my very first one. 1st email was ATRRS slot for phase 1, then 2nd email was for phase 2 which is actual WOCS report date, and a 3rd email which is a RFO(Request for Orders) from HRC which breaks down everything for you timeline wise. I took my RFO to my MPD who cuts orders on post to start my process of Levy packet/PCSing packet.

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Good Morning everyone. I recently got my ATTRS reservation for WOCS today. In the Email I got a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 date. What is the difference and which one is that date I am looking for to PCS.



You are looking for the date on Phase 2.


There is no phase 1 any more (it still populates in ATRRS for now). Everything is a 5 week resident course at the physical location. The big thing regarding "phase 1" is that you'll have to download and print over 300 pages of handouts (that was how it was leading up to class 19-16; everything is subject to change).


Non-street to seat will have access to MilSuite. The cadre are still figuring out the best way to disseminate information to street to seaters, especially since your recruiters are 78% jacked up every time. Our class used a closed Facebook page to get information to everyone, but we still had people come into the course last minute. Do what you can to get on top of it and convince the current Active Aviators to send as much information your way that you can.

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