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Hi all, I am currently finishing my last semester of undergrad in Louisiana. My recruiter told me one of my LOR absolutely has to come from a pilot. I have no pilot contacts. How should I got about getting this LOR. Can I show up on a base and start asking around? Can I call someone?


Thank you for the help,


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The best advice that I can give is for you to put google to work. My personal LORs were good but just like many others I was lacking pilot LORs. Being prior service, a friend put me in contact with a CW4. I still wanted to find the evasive CW5. I googled all the AV units on Ft. Hood and tracked down their Facebook pages. I then wrote up a well written introduction for myself and messaged it to the Facebook page. I then asked the moderator to put me in contact with a Senior Warrant. A few hours later I received the email to a CW5. Then I just tweaked the introduction and added more content about myself and emailed him. A few days later he emailed me. Needless to say I am good now.


This process is almost designed for people to fail or to quit. You must be flexible and think outside the box.


Hopefully this helps. Good luck in the future.

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I went home on leave and knocked on the local Army Guard units door. A CWO4 pilot happened to be there getting ready for a drill weekend. I introduced myself and he sat down with me for a few hours. I gave him some evaluations written on me and a draft LOR. He wrote one up himself much better than the one I sent. These dudes have all been there trying to get their foot in the door. You show a genuine desire and do some leg work and theyre more than happy to work with you.

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