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Army Flight Physical- Medical History

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I am currently in the process of enlisting as a 15T, with the hope of becoming an aviator down the line.   I had some questions in regards to the flight physical.  I have mild apnea, diagnosed after a sleep study.  I am not even sure if its on my actual medical records but I'm working on finding out.  I dont use a CPAP and it's self resolved.  Does the army request a copy of my medical history from my primary care and/or me directly?  Or is the only information they get the information I give them directly.  Thanks all 

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I did my packet while enlisted and the only outside medical records they needed were for my PRK surgery. If they don't know you had something done then they can't request records of it. However...initial enlistment at MEPS may require civilian medical records to establish fitness to serve which would then potentially be available later when doing a flight physical. 

Why are you planning to enlist first? Nothing wrong with that at all, but if your goal is to be a pilot then street to seat is a much faster way to get there (if selected). Once you enlist you're looking at probably three plus years before being able to put in a packet. 

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