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ATP Checkride Prep


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I am not finding anything in the way of prep for my ATP checkride.  There are some YouTube videos for fixed wing but nothing for rotary.  I have checked with Helicopter Ground School and nothing.  My instructor is in the Guard and over a MediVac company, but he does not have an ATP or any knowlege of how to prepare for it.  I am mostly concerned about the oral side of things.  I have about 1000 hours flying in the clouds so that part doesn't bother me.

I have already passed my written (missed one question) thanks to Sheppard Air.  I have the Practical Test standards but I guess I am looking for some experience on what the examiners expect during the oral and any gotchas on the practical.





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I haven’t taken mine yet but I did hear from my CFI that your altitude mins. are +/- 50 feet and you are not allowed to ask the examiner to take the controls if I remember right. So no “autopilot” help while changing frequencies or setting up an approach for example. It was a quick conversation and I may be remembering it wrong but those points stick out in my mind. The precision approach errors allowed are cut in half too…if I remember correctly 😁 You may already know all this too. Anyway, best of luck. Some ATP guys will chime in soon I’m sure with much better info. 

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