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R-22 Training Question: Cruise-Trim Knob

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R-22 Training Question: Can I use the Cruise-Trim Knob when solo to help hold cyclic forward? When my instructor steps out, I have to apply a significant amount of forward cyclic. is it safe and OK for me to put this on, from takeoff to landing, My student/beginner instincts tell me that it is probably alright, but I would like your feedbacks. Plus I wouldn't do this without asking my instructor first also.  I have logged about 1 hour solo so far. :)

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Yeah, but in the 500, the trim is variable. The Robinson 22 is ON or OFF.

The early 44s had a follow-up trim, whereby an electric motor would try to move the trim to unload the cyclic, but I found it had too much delay so it was always moving when it should be stationary, and vice versa. Don't know if it still exists, last 44 demo (trying to sell it to me) flight was in 1995.

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