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Letters of Recommendation for WOFT Packet

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A little background on myself. I graduated college with a 3.5 gpa, played two collegiate sports and scored well on the ASVAB (90/99) and SIFT (65 score); awaiting my flight physical next.

I’ve always looked into service even before college and have been very interested in aviation all my life but never thought of the opportunities that were out there. Found out about the WOFT program and I had no hesitation in going down this path.

Began my WOFT packet in May and wanted to hear from this community about the quality of letters of recommendation. Thus far, I have a Professor, assistant coach at West Point, and former coach and current principal as some. I’ve heard they don’t expect you to have military aviation letters if you haven’t been around them but would it be better to pursue one and leave no doubt?

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