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Ground School?

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Ok so here is the deal, I have almost 60 hrs built up towards my PPL, almost all my solo time requirements filled etc., however my problem is that the school I go to does not offer any ground training. I don’t want to fly anymore until I get some ground training done as I feel my 30 hrs ground should have been done already and I should be ready to take my exam.


I am in no way ready to take the exam as of right now. I try to study on my own but I don’t feel that I am studying the right things. I purchased the prepware CD a few weeks ago and have been using that to study, however many of the questions on the mock test are not in any of my books.


I feel like flying anymore is a waste of my time if I am not up on the theory and ready to take the exam. I feel like I will just keep throwing money away by flying to keep my skills up until I am ready to pass the FAA test.


What do you all think?


Is there anywhere I can go that offers ground training only?

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theres a banner up at the top of the page, alexander air service, that offers ground school online i guess. seems cheap, but i dont know how it works. contact him. it might be the perfect thing you need in your situation

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They don't offer ground school? Not at all, or not a formal groundschool class? Maybe you should find another school if they won't teach you what you need to know?



Let me put it this way, my instructor is great and always tells me what to study and such, however with my busy lifestyle I get distracted easily and need a more structured formalized ground school approach in a classroom setting.


At least that’s how I learn best. I could have never finished my master’s degree without the formalized class room and I am having a hard time with this as well without it.

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Why not schedule ground school with your instructor, rather than flight time? Just have your CFI write a syllabus to follow, and then treat it as a formal 1 on 1 ground school class. I'm sure there is a way that your instructor can accommodate your learning style.

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I'll offer what I can...


First: Realize you CAN get there from here!


Second: Don't cheat yourself by being lazy and not studying hard. (Not saying you are, just saying DON'T) If you have studied hard and still lack confidence in taking the written, go to a course like http://www.aviationseminars.com/. These guys will not let you fail the written. You will be amazed at the information they will give you. For instance... something like 60% of the information you need to pass your PPL(H) written, is in the Computer Test Supplement book that you are given to use while you are taking the test. There are all kinds of other tips and tricks they will give you to boost your confidence. There is more to keeping yourself alive in a helicopter than just passing the written, so be sure you know and understand the material.


Third: Do what you are doing. Asked tons of questions. If your instructor won't answer them, find an instructor that will.


Fourth: Learn to use an ASA CX-2 backwards and fowards. Helicopters Only has the best price I know of. http://www.helicoptersonly.com


Some very good info.: http://cybercom.net/~copters/helo_aero.html


One of the best study guides. This is great! http://www.dauntless-soft.com/


If you have any further questions I could help with PM me.



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Ok, I can understand the feeling of not knowing what to study for your practical test as there is so much information, regulations, etc... But to be honest with you, if you have had the prepware CD for 'a few weeks' and are not prepared for the written, it is pure laziness plain and simple.


If you were to get the knowlege test prep book, it would have EXACTLY the same questions as the prepware cd. There is alot of stuff covered in the written which will never be covered in the oral part of your practical test. There is alot of stuff covered in the prep book which is not covered in your standard text books. My advice to pass your written, take that prepware cd and take practice tests literally ALL day until you are concistantly getting in the upper 80's - 90's. The next morning, get up, do your morning buisness, get on the computer and take the practice test two more times to build confidence, strap on your shoes and go get that test out of the way. You will feel great and it will give you a little spark. You can do it!


These following items are a must if you want the proper study material to pass your oral exam:


Private pilot Manual

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook

Current FAR/AIM

Current A/FD

Current Charts Terminal/Sectional (depending on where you fly)


Flight Computer (I have the CX-2, it works great (There are cheeper ones))



I have a ground training syllibus available that covers EVERYTHING that MIGHT be covered during your oral exam. If you are interested, drop me a P.M.



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Good advice form everyone. Practice the prepware and you'll have it memorized in no time if its up to date, most everyone who scores high on the Knowledge Exams learns the tests rote and know the questions and answers before they ever sit down to take it. The Knowledge exam is the easy part; the oral exam is the hard part.

No one mentioned the Practical Test Standards. The PTS has everything listed that you need to know for your oral exam, and the Oral Exam Guide has the answeres to most of those questions. If you're having trouble with the knowledge side and have the books, then the PTS is the syllabus. Order them NOW, they're cheap.

Talk to your instructor and make sure he knows you're having trouble; I do the same thing it sounds like he's doing. By giving you the study topics and encouraging home study he's probably trying to save you money...tell him you're willing to pay for the extra ground time.

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Thank you Helliboy, I knew I would forget something. Yes the PTS will show you everything you will need to know and at what standards. The Oral Exam Guide will give you all the answers you need to pass the oral exam. Personally I used the oral exam guide as a reference as it was too hard for me to understand some of the stuff in it at the pre-private pilot level.



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Thank you everyone, great information and I appreciate your honesty and candor.


I purchased the ground school software from http://www.dauntless-soft.com/, based on Rotorrunners recommendation and after checking out the demo. I liked it better than the prepware. I used it all last night and can definitely see myself passing this test in a few weeks of using this.


I am going to purchase the CX-2 today as this might be better than the electronic Sporty version of the EB6 I have.


My only other question is would http://www.aviationwise.org/ online ground school be helpful..? I mean for less than 300 bucks I don’t think it could hurt..


Thanks again all... I really do approximate it.

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