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Think there will be a need for pilots for this?

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I called Richard the other day to discuss things...




Flight Time Mins:


400 Hrs Zero Gravity (In any Aircraft)


And they are non-waiverable due to insurance requirements.







Does powered parachute count?

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did anyone read through the whole website? It was pretty freakin' detailed for an april fools joke. I particularly liked the communications/life support/entertainment system on board the transportation module. "Crew members will communicate with these machines via an auditory Holistic Artificial Language interface visually mediated by a glowing red light." this was a bit of a give away on what the whole thing was about, but still very funny.

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For those not familar Google has a (fairly) long tradition of April Fools Day jokes that are well thought out. I still signed up :D Another great one was TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider). Yesterday they also ran "Gmail Custom Time" in case you wanted that email to get there a few days ago using its "e-flux capicator" check out this link for more of their April Fool's Day jokes:


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