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Universal Sign for Gasoline

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4.55 litres per gallon would equate to $2.10 x 4.55 = $9.56 per gallon. :o Yikes!


You might want to check. But I believe that 4.55 liters per gallon is the Imperial gallon conversion. For US gallons it is 3.8 liters per gallon.

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It's funny you posted that. I was just having a conversation yesterday with a buddy of mine stationed in Europe, and we were talking about gas prices. I asked him "so, do you have to bring your own lube to the station or do they provide some for you?"

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Diesel is £1. 22 per ltr in most places in UK, but in central London there is at least one site charging £1.44 per ltr.

The public transport ain't that good especially in rural arias, and the cost of trains is beyond belief if you want to travel at peak times, and we also had a man called Beeching who thought it was a good idea to close rural rail lines decades ago and move freight to the roads.

Hey Ho theres government for you, but boy do they collect some tax on fuel.

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