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Helicopter pilots with myspace pages

Guest rotorflyr84

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Guest rotorflyr84

First off, I had no idea where to place this topic, so if it needs to be moved, by all means place it in the appropriate place.


I was just wondering if any pilots here had myspace pages, and would like to add each other as friends? I created a page, and thought it would be a great way for us pilots to keep in touch in addition to VR. Good idea or bad idea? Opinions are welcome.


My Site:



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I have a myspace, but I never use it!


http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=821634613 It's a cool way of networking I think! Sandy I sent you a message on FB.


If anyone's interested in Facebook, PM me your email, and I can send you a link to sign up...it's free! I started a So Cal Pilots group, but so far just me & Goldy are members! :)




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I prefer the feel of myspace to that of facebook. anyway:



or squirrelflight@hotmail.com for facebook

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I thought I'd post a word of caution for potential job seekers here. I don't know how many people consider the ramifications of having a page on a "social networking" site.


There's nothing wrong with them in theory, but make sure you're careful as to what info you have on there. Employers have access to the internet as well. More and more Chief pilots and HR people are just as tech savvy as you are. Now they may not be on your "friends" list, and have total access to your profile, but just having an account may hurt you (in my opinion).


Some people out there may see the fact that you have a _______ account and equate that to you being part of the "look at me, love me" crowd. Others may find posts/info/pics that would hurt your prospects. I have gone online to check out people who submitted resumes to my company and found info that helped make a decision on whether or not to hire them.


Just a little advice.



More info here.



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Great point FP.

I don't know about Myspace but Facebook's privacy controls are pretty good you can also group your friends and set different privacy levels for different groups.

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www.myspace.com slash zachwiest


Sorry for the weird formating. For some reason every time I press the slash key in firefox it brings up the search toolbar.

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