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Another ship down


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So I'm cruising around last night and a call comes out of a loud explosion in a canyon with a low flying helicopter possibly involved....turns out an R44 lost a tail rotor, did an auto, and landed safe enough that all 3 walked away.


The ship is a bit bent (too bad too, cause it was a looker), but my hat is off to the pilot. Topanga Canyon is a pretty rough place to try and find a level spot.


I won't mention the tail number at this time, but it is a well known tour ship in the area.


Glad all are ok.




Update 10:45- Just watched the news clip again and holy cow...I know the pilot ! Nice flying Al ! Again, glad everyone made it out ok, this is one case where pilot skills I'm sure made the difference.

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Just read about it online. Saw the helicopter. It's a little more than just bent. Tail rotor gearbox is is no longer attached to the tail. Glad to see it turned out as well as it did. I've been through those canyons, not to many good forced landings areas. Great job by the pilot! I had a friend who used to work at that company I think.

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Glad everyone is ok!


I saw him earlier in the day near Malibu Colony at the coast around 5pm yesterday! Weird!


Looks like he did a good job getting it done, despite the terrain in the cyn, and the there wires everywhere along the Topanga!



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