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Passed my Checkride Today!!! PPL

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Hi everyone...passed my PPL Checkride today. Feels great doesn't it! Thanks to everyones support over the last 6 months. If you remember, I was the guy who couldn't hover back in February! My how we evolve.


Anyway, short hiatus, then onto Commercial.


Thanks everyone!




Rotorrodent :D

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Congrats keep it up


Hey congratulations! Have fun on your commercial training!

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Congrats !!! Must be a great feeling. I just finished hour 15 today and I really had trouble with the wind (highly frustrated). I wish I was attending full-time, it seems like I'm at a standstill compared to the rest of the students. Oh well, enough about me. Keep up the good work.

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Rat- the wind can be unnerving for awhile, and it bounces you around, and gives you a free 500 feet of lift just when you don't want it ...but you get used to it. The helicopter really doesnt care as much as the pilot !!


Anyway, congrats RotorRodent on your accomplishment, You can now walk into every nightclub in town and announce you are a helo pilot....chicks dig it....at least thats what my CFI told me !!



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