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Helicycle kit


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Hey all,


a friend of mine is building a helicycle kit, pretty amazing little helicopter. I have posted the photos to my photobucket (link below). The engine is a turbine that was used in military generator sets. It produces 130 hp but has been derated to 90 for the helo. In the photos of the engine the burner can is not attached as he's polishing it up (it goes on the bottom under the black piece). The engine you see is not the norm, he has taken it all apart and painted and polished it to look nice. I couldn't get a shot of the main rotors as they were in another location. The kit costs less than $40k including the turbine. i'll try to keep you all posted on the build as he finishes it up, he's been working on it for a little over a year and it's coming together very well...


more photos here:







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Hey RkyMtnHI,


Very cool pictures. Looks like a fun hobby to have. Is that by chance the Mosquito Helicopter kit, from what I've read it's a pretty good helicopter with good performance and handling characteristics.



Check out this video of one of them doing a hover auto from 20Ft.

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And I thought the R22 was scary!!! In the video, it sounds like my RC helicopter. Not so sure I'll be flying one of those anytime soon.



My thoughts EXACTLY !


I have a pencil sharpener that sounds beefier than that thing.


But you have to admit, the auto characteristics were pretty impressive.



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That engine is also the on board APU for Ch-47's and UH-60's


You mean the engine in the first post photo....not the engine in the video, correct? Cause the one in the video most definitely isnt a turbine.

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The Mosquito is a nice helicopter,I saw the piston version flying last summer at the mentone PRA fly-in.


But a guy flew in with a Helicycle and the machines are worlds apart.


I heard several Helicycles flew together at the Homer Bell Fly-in and that these guys about 4 of them ,make flights together all the time going places. every one of them have high prise for these helicopters.

Hopeful Stan Foster will write some soon on here as he is building one and is working towards his R-22 check ride soon.

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Tim- Glad to see you on here. Like you mentioned....I am building a Helicycle. I have many of them fly....and talked to the pilots. They are having a lot of fun with them and they have had few problems to get the bugs out of.


My Helicycle has been on hold while I am finishing its hanger. Its all drywalled and heated now...and as soon as its taped and textured...and painted...the Helicyle will resume construction. I will have it flying this year if I get my turbine when promised.


I am just about to get signed off for my R22 checkride. Just as soon as I polish up my autos a little more. One of the requirements for getting a critcal component for the Helicyle is to solo in an R22. I did that and thought it would be stupid not to add onto my PPSEL ticket with a helicopter rating.





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That is inside his Stair shop, Stan is a master craftsman and makes those spiral stairs for a living.


I can't wait to see his helicycle when finish,Stan had a sweet 2 seat Sparrowhawk gyroplane he use to fly all the time.

Stan has just built a hanger for his helicycle and made a cut out in his trees to fly in and out of his back yard.

He is doing a complete build thread on the Rotarywing forum.

His new hanger added on to his Stair shop is going to be sweet.


if you think those stairs look nice there. you should see what they look like finished and installed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stan in person at mentone PRA fly-in,and he is a really nice guy and really did his research on the helicycle.

it is really a nice little turbine helicopter.

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Sweet project, makes me a tad queasy though... :o


Queasy?? I'm usually one who would hop in just about anything to "test" or "trust" it wont let me down,.. Hmm Just like a school's R22 that was probably over sped the day before, and the collective yanked way too much on takeoff or hovering even for that matter, going well above 24.1 on the Man Pressure gauge.. But, Who reported it if its running fine now, right?? or better yet, if it happened with a new solo student pilot..

Yup! I'd take my chances in this Helicycle with a turbine any day!!! Mosquito Turbine too!! They both seem to be really well designed and if built with care and attention to detail, I'm Golden! Sign me up!

Just my 2 cents! :o) :D

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