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NVG Helmet Mount

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Is there anyone out there that might have a helmet mount for a SPH-4, SPH-5 or SPH-5CG for the ANVIS-9 NVG's. If you do have th mount I was wondering if you would part with it for a price? I was also hoping if someone could point me in the right direction to find some that are used or under the $600 new price. I really don't want to pay than much for a mount. Thanks for your help.

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<gets out the tired, old soapbox>

Buying something used, when you will most likely bet your life for it to work for you at the worst possible time in your life, is not so smart.

</puts the tired, old soapbox away>

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First off do you have the visor housing that accepts the mount? or are you just looking for the mount itself?

The standard visor housing on the SPH-4 & 5 do not allow for the mount.

The 5CG allows for a quick mount and dismount of the NVG mount by means of a spring loaded retention system.

Where most SPH-4 & 5's are a semi-permanent mounting to the visor housing.


My helmet collection


The part numbers for the mount are as follows:


P/N A3260913 for HGU-56/P helmet


P/N 3151AS150-1 for HGU-84/P helmet


P/N 271073-1 for SPH-4 AF/B and SPH-5 helmets


These will work with AN/AVS-9 (ITT F4949 Series) systems




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