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Identify please


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Can anyone ID this helicopter? Was flying in the PA Grand Canyon on Saturday March 6th. Can't really see the fuselage, but it was long, skinny and more like an airplane fuselage. silver with no markings visible. Looks like extended Pitot tubes or samplers on both sides


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HML/A-167 from Pendleton (that's a little far out), could be a new river unit sneaking a peak on the way home from CAX (combined arms exercise) @ 29 palms or even a westpak.


Hell it could from any unit for that matter; From the photo i'd assume u heard it, they have a very distinct sound compared to other helos. Hear & identify miles away...

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Most likely an AH-1W.. The Marines are replacing them with new build Zulu platforms, AH-1Z, Identified easily by the new 4 bladed rotorhead, which this one does not have.


I saw a couple Zulus buzzing around Ft Rucker a while back. They are sweet looking/sounding.

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