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Multi tasking


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This is from a job posting here, talk about a busy pilot! All single pilot ops too.


# Must be able to hover the R22 in place for upwards of 2 hours. <---500 AGL at night

# Must be experienced in the DC SFRA and surrounding Class B airspace.

# Must be able to handle flying the helicopter while communicating on two radios and occasionally changing messages on the laptop computer (in the passenger seat).


After a bit of this, one would be an expert at multitasking.

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That is an actual job listing? Hmmmm. Not so sure about the laptop part. Seems like that would require too much attention away from the controls. What type of work is it related to?


Edit: Nevermind, found the job posting. Some kind of sky sign deal.

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I bet its not as bad as it seems. I doubt they are expecting you to type a full sign out on the go. The signs on the laptop are probably preloaded and hotkeyed to change with a push of a 1 button or so.(thats what seems smart to me anyways.)


Now hovering at night for 2 hrs in a 22 probably makes you nervous at first, but I'm sure you get used to it. You get to log a lot of night time at least! But still, yes... There is quite a bit going on for this guy!

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Sounds boring.

Yeah, slow orbits around a stadium at 30 knots would be better. Hovering for that long would actually be work!

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Saw this in 1993 at Heli-Expo in Miami. First thoughts were:


That's an interesting idea!



Hmm.. to be able to read it, you have to be very low.

For the lights to work, it has to be at night.

Very low at night. Hmm..


You need lots of people to be able to read it, right way up.

Hovering over lots of people, very low, at night.


There are some problems with this, at least in Oz. Never happen below 1500' at night.


Are there really enough companies that want to spend their advertising dollar like this? Are there really any helicopter companies who want to annoy the cr@p out of the people on the ground like this? Obviously there are, or the advert wouldn't be there, but it isn't very neighbourly.

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