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How Army Aviation Is Changing (Full Length Video)

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I can't see this stuff being prioritized over the computer assisted hold modes and such that are already on modern Army aircraft. Visual scanning and good crew coordination help loads, but maybe that tactile tech is intuitive. Who knows.


My seat vibrating for low altitude would get old quick during NOE!

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When I joined the Army 14 years ago I was told at AIT that I would have to return in a few months for a transition to become a Comanche Crewchief. Then a few years later I was working with some guys who left to become part of the RAH development program, then a few years after that a group came by looking for information on the AH-6 to make it the Army's new aircraft to replace the OH-58D. (none of these things ever happened)


I was watching a documentary on the Falkland Wars in 1982 and the crew was talking about a particularly difficult mission they had in the Sikorsky H-34 (developed in 1954) and how tricky it was for one crew because their Autopilot hover hold was not working.


Nowadays I fly Blackhawks. A models. The L model was developed in 1987, but they haven't modified the whole inventory yet. Now the M model is out, but I've only seen one.


Like most Army aircraft I don't have hover hold, or a moving map, or a flight management system, or an autopilot. My VHF radio has painted numbers on a dial that I must turn like tuning the radio in a 72 Ford pickup and can't receive or transmit further than about 10 miles on a good day. I fly on a waiver because I don't have a second VOR, and my GPS is so antiquated I'd be better off with a cell phone or an IPad app. I saw a moving map, IFR certified GPS in the store the other day for under a thousand dollars that clipped in. But it works fine for what we use it foe.


So 2 things come to mind.

1. We will see this technology in the year 2095

2. Unless the Army upgrades to at least 80's technology to reduce pilot workload there is no way pilots can do things like flying UAV's while flying helicopters because someone still needs to fly.


Maybe I'm just an old skeptic nowadays but these videos are fun like looking at concept cars that will never be built, but that technology does nothing more than keep the guys at USAARL busy and paid because the stuff never leaves the laboratory.

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I agree, it takes forever for technology to get to the fleet, but I don't think it is as bad as you think. While you may have only seen an M model, our unit has had them for 2.5 years and finished a deployment in them last December. They are getting modified with upturned exhaust system (UES)this year. We already got the first one back with UES. A lot of the recent upgrades are a result of money reallocated from the cancelled Comanche.

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Check this out:


Level 2 Manned-Unmanned Teaming for the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter


The L2MUM is a real-time system that can receive video and metadata in the common bands, within a long range, and is used by fielded unmanned aerial systems first fielded on the Kiowa Warrior aircraft. The video and metadata can be unencrypted and encrypted. The software provides the user with UAS location on a standard Falcon view moving map display along with the metadata, which provides the user better and quicker situational awareness further from the target and engagement. The L2MUM aircraft allows specific aviation attack assets to see and understand strategic objectives, receives and provides intelligence to and from varied ground elements and tactically brings destruction to specific targets.




Anyone have comments on this is working out?

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Haha. I just dont want to say too much. The lightweight color MFD is cool. The fact that I run windows XP in a combat aicraft is creepy. It brings capes that are making a difference right now in AFG. And 22lbs more weight. Haha

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They keep it up there will be a buck 50 weight limit for aviators...


I am for certain I want 58s now. You get a cape! Freakin awesome! I have the cape, I make the swishing noises.


I have been up too long, /out.

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