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I havent been able to find out too much information about air force ROTC pilot selection through my searches. Does anyone know how competitive the slots are for CSAR pilot? I'm currently submitting a WOFT packet but if I could get a slot in the AF I'd take that over the army.

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Best site for AF Pilot slot information is www.wantscheck dot com, flyingsquadron dot com/forums and airforceots dot com.


Which helo do you want to fly, CV22, or HH-60 in the CSAR role? If you are fortunate in being selected for AF SUPT, you must let your intentions be known early regarding wanting helos. The AF produces between 1100-1200 fixed wing pilots annually and only between 60-70 helo drivers. People fight over helo slots since they are so rare. What's interesting, AF helo flight training is at Ft Rucker, the home of Army aviation. But they train separately from the Army. The AF trains only on the new TH-1H Huey that has a glass cockpit. and other features at Cairns AAF.


AF helo assignments out of flight school for active duty are the CV-22, HH-60, UH-1N and as a TH-1H instructor pilot. By going AF Guard or Reserves you can select your helo if FORTUNATE enough in being picked up by that particular AF helo Squadron.


Enrolling in AF ROTC, your major concern is being selected for a pilot position. This is how the pilot slots are assigned yearly approximately.


AF Academy 500 out of 1000 cadets

AF ROTC 500 out of 4000

AF OTS 100-200


Bring your A game when going AF. No Warrant Officers or HS Grads flying any AF aircraft, helos or fixed wing. They take the best in ROTC in their eyes for pilot training, extremely competitive.

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I would like to fly the HH-60, With ROTC is it like the Army where you make a wish list or do you know what job your getting before the commission? There is a rescue squadron not far from my house so I would definitely look into the guard option with them if they would take me. Does my civilian flight training give any pull towards being selected as a helo pilot?


Also is it better to wait and get in great shape before applying for ROTC or do it while applying and hopefully accepted so the cadre see the advancement?

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Get fit now! Do not wait, it takes time and effort to get into "great shape." Showing up prepared will mean more to the cadre than seeing you improve. Besides, you probably do not want the extra "attention" you would get.

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