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That looks like “Mike Bravo” N623MB, Ser# S-750. Excellent history behind that ship. Excellent work DS_HMMR.


Should be few if any of the 105's or Bell 222's remaining at CALSTAR. I understand the MD900N's are also on notice to be sold and replaced with new EC 135's.


The oldest aircraft in the CALSTAR fleet—in fact the first helicopter ever purchased by the company—has been sold. The sale brought back a flood of memories to the crewmembers that flew in the ship over the last 22 years.


The helicopter was an MBB model BO 105CBSB, Registration Number N623MB, a compact, twin-engine aircraft fondly referred to as Mike Bravo. According to Jim Arthur, director of flight operations, the first EMS mission for Mike Bravo was on September 4, 1990. Since that date, CALSTAR crews flew the aircraft for 6,835 flight hours and completed 28,005 landings.


“The sale of the aircraft is part of a large-scale fleet modernization which will bring enhanced safety features and technology to our fleet and subsequently to the communities CALSTAR serves,” Arthur said.


It’s anyone’s guess how many lives were saved by the hundreds of crew members who utilized Mike Bravo to race to trauma scenes and hospitals over the years. “It’s no doubt in the thousands,” said Regional Director Ross Fay.


CALSTAR Rotor Wash, 2012


CALSTAR Says Goodbye to Its Pioneer Air Ambulance


CALSTAR orders eight EC135s to standardize its fleet

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I watched it just fine without a password or signing in.




Just tried it again and I ran into the problem you mentioned. I just watched it a few days ago just fine, DS_HMMR you know why this happened?


Not sure. Might be a licensing issue with the music. I'll try to fix.

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