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Helicycle out churning Illinois air


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Yesterday was a gusty day , but my Helicycle is always ready to fly. I swear it was trembling as I pulled it out for a flight.


I started winding up the turbine.....heard that beautiful.........whooommpppfffff as the turbines internal fire lights off...I flip on the main fuel solenoid .and she winds on up to 45000 rpm.


All systems are go for launch as I roll on the throttle to the 61500 governed flight rpm.......pull collective and away I go.


My videos are real short as I have a ridiculously long upload time.





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Ryan- I head about the incident last night. The Helicycle guys are connected. Seems he had a rare sputtering with his turbine...but of course many things could cause that.....algae....etc....


I googled earthed the place where he landed....and it was a solid residential area...wires...trees....etc. Its amazing he kept it up right. Probably didnt have the option of having airspeed to flare...but had to pancake it in....in my opinion.



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