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Conflicting information regarding separation from active duty Marine Corps into the Army upon selection

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This question is specifically for active duty guys on here from outside of the Army who have applied and were accepted.


Upon selection, how did you ultimately separate from your current branch and enter into the Army? I have been given two conflicting answers from two different WO recruiters.


One WO recruiter told me that the Army will send my orders to the Marine Corps, i'll pick up my DD-214 and the orders, and then report into Rucker the next day. I asked for clarification if there was ANY involvement with a regular recruiter, MEPS, etc. and he confirmed that there was NO interaction with MEPS or a recruiter at all because I am active duty.


Another WO recruiter gave me this conflicting information: he told me that upon selection by the board, I will go immediately to my local recruiter who will then schedule me to go to MEPS, I will swear in at MEPS, and go through the entire MEPS process, etc. and receive my orders from MEPS to report into Rucker. I made him clarify this to me and reminded him that I was an active duty Marine and he told me that if i'm active duty in any branch outside of the Army, then I will go to MEPS.


So as you can see, two conflicting pieces of information and both of these gentlemen are from USAREC WO recruiting.


For those of you who have been selected and are active duty from another branch, what was the process like for you from the time you found out you were selected until the time you reported to WOCS at Rucker? Which piece of information that I was given was correct?

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The way you will find out if you are accepted is via MILPER message, you can log on to the website via your CAC and view them. They can take anywhere from a week to 3 weeks to come out after the board.


After about 2 or 3 weeks you will start getting emails from AARTS, the army system for education. These emails will show the classes you are being enrolled in and their dates. I got one for Phase 1 WOCS, Phase 2 WOCS, and IERW.


2 weeks or so after that you will get the important email. It will have a "Request for Transfer of Orders to the Army". You will take this document and run it through your personnel chain to be approved and this will change your ETS date. I'm not sure what system the Marines use but in the Air Force I could upload it through our portal. It was routed to my CC for approval From there it went to our Base Separations Authority which is our Wing Commander(1 Star). From there it went out AFPC(Air Force Personnel Center) for final approval and ETS date change. With it being approved you will start your discharge process. For me its getting my final medical out, having to have a counseling session with our family reediness group, and getting my DD 214 ready for approval.


In the Request for Transfer of Orders to the Army it will detail out your next steps and the date you need to be discharged on. It will instruct you to contact a local recruiter in your area and have them schedule you and appointment at MEPS to swear in the day after you separate from the Marines and will give you reporting instructions to Ft. Rucker.


I've heard it's best to get there and sign in to HHC a few days early being inter-service so we can get our uniform and equipment issue and start to get sped up on the Army way of things.

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This is from my orders.


Accrued leave will transfer over IAW table 4-43, DoD MP & Entitlements Manual. Terminal leave should not be authorized. Leave is temporarily suspended until you are integrated at Ft. Rucker.

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Not trying to thread jack but im trying to explain the selection process to my CoC since there not looking into the process at all other then what i tell them...but for interservice transfers its still 5-8 months to report to rucker from when your board selected correct? there still being really uptight about me leaving before December if they grant me my 368 so i can do the July board...any help is appreciated guys

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