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Question for the Apache guys

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I was watching something with Apaches and noticed an odd device on it....I am sure someone here can explain it to me.


There is one on each side and it looks like a circular thing hanging on a stick. It is mid fuselage, coming out near the top of the engine shroud and sticks out about a foot and then has the hanging down part. They move around independently and look like an attitude or air vector sensor of some kind.


It isn't on all Apaches, I am guessing an add on system


I have also seen it on other aircraft like the cobra.






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Looks similar to the Zulu. It's a low airspeed air data system and its part of the weapons ballistic delivery computer for weak links who don't know how to shoot without a computer. Like most Apache pilots. :)


Seriously though, my friends who are now flying Zulus can do some pretty amazing things with it compared to what the Whiskey can do off of some chart and graphs. For people who are interested in weapons delivery ballastics there are things that happen internally and externally to a rocket, round or missile as it is fired down the tube or barrel, whether it's spin stabilized, fin stabilized, or both and then also during flight and on impact with a target. This computer takes things like airspeed, collective/cyclic movement, relative wind, air density, rotation of the earth, and probably a sh*t ton of other things to spit out a formula to put a round on target with minimal CEP.


*Edited a ton for clarity.

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