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Where exactly is CA30?


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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to find the exact location of the Commodore CA30 Heliport in San Francisco, but all site (AirNav etc.) list it well over-water.


Does anyone have the actual location? Maybe a photo?



Man that’s old school, 1972 to maybe 1984. Lu Hurley owned Commodore helicopters, which leased his Bell Jet Ranger helicopter to KGO radio as well as flying tourists from Pier 43/1/2 at Fisherman's Wharf. That heliport is long gone. The city of San Francisco killed helicopter operations in the city long ago.


Lu Hurley is a story of its own.



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Correct. HEMS used to be able to land there long ago as well. Due to the city, all EMS helicopters have to land at SFO and ground by ambulance to which ever hospital they need to go. That is sad as I have transported several critical Patients into SFO. San Francisco has several very specialized hospitals such as Neonatal and micro-surgery. It's a place to go for amputations often.


UCSF is building a hospital on the shore line but it will be mostly a Womens facility. It will have a pad but the number of landings and take-offs will be very restricted. As a result anything going into UCSF main campus will still need to go to SFO.

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Shhhh, Don't tell anybody, but there is an active helipad at the VA hospital at Fort Miley. I saw on the news last year sometime that the CHP picked someone off the cliffs and flew them to the pad.

I think they can getaway with it because it's on Federal land.



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You would think there would be an exception for HEMS helicopters. I can even fly into a Presidentail VIP TFR but not to a hospital in SF?


Don't try to carry a pistol in SF...even if you have a permit to do so in nearly every other state including CA...

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