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Flight suit sizing help


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So I need some help here. I don't have a place near by that has a plethora of suits to try on. I don't see sizes that match how I wear clothes. I am a bit redneck I guess so all the numbers mean nothing to me.

I grew tall and fast, and have a phobia of showing my socks when I sit. So....that said and ignoring the giggles from the crowd....


6'2" tall and 200 lbs. I fly helicopter....just got my CFI Friday!!! Yeah!!!!

What flight suit size will fit me and ofer that oh so sought after sock cover protection!


Feed back is needed so help a new guy out here. I don't require one as it stands but I will some day, so looking now is a leg up on when the when comes.

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Your description doesn't do much justice for a fitting. You'll need to know what length legs you are (for instance I am 6'1 but only have a 32 inch leg inseam as I am all torso) go to a suit shop and have them measure you up around your waist, inseam and across your shoulders so you know what your sizes are, then when looking at flight suits you will know if you are a long, regular or extra long etc. These are the things a flight suit company will need to know to send you the right size.

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Most are sized by chest size and are either short, regular or long. If I recall correctly the regular goes up to about a 32 inch inseam.


Also, Congrats on the CFI...I remember that day well. It's a relief I know.

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Thanks rotornut! I was not near as excited with my commercial, knowing employment was still two cents away! Now at least one foots in the door, and the other ones a few weeks away!


As for pants. I wear 36/36. I can sometimes get away with 36/34. That's waist/ Inseam as my pants say.


However that sock showing issue. So not often. For example I wear jeans 90% of the time and most Sundays. Well ok I don't sleep in them but you get the Idea. Those are 36/36. I also like those light weight nylon cargo pants from REI with the convertible legs that become shorts. Those are 34 length. They fit the same as my jeans.

So inseams tend to depend on the cut. My chest measures 46 inches. Huge lats from years of varsity swimming.

I get the suits are chest sizes. But they just don't seem to say inseam.

I also have long arms.


I had a guy local tell me he wore 44 long and he and I are about the same height and weight.

So I take it long and my chest size is going to be my initial target size?

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Really dude?

Might have been because I was raised in a family of six kids. Money was tight, and I outgrew my wardrobe more often then we had money to replace it.


Might consider your inpact of comments before your fingers go to work next time.

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I get jokes just fine. However I have no clue who you are, nor do you Know who I am. Jokes of that level of degradation are normally reserved for those close enough to hear the voice incantations and "get" the joke.

This forum lacks the vocal audio necessary to achieve that effect, especially with those whom you have no relationship with.

So that said...no I did not get the joke, nor appreciate the sarcasm. I started the thread to improve my understanding of a subject new to me. It has up till now provided a plethora of insight and knowledge, exactly as I hoped for.


I take it your more accustomed to sarcasm to express your thoughts than wisdom. I gather that mainly from your screen name and inability to have the humbleness to say sorry when you have crossed a line with someone you don't know.


I will in the future remember to allow you to input without regards to the impact of the receiver, and carry on as if what you have to say is no more than rambling from the peanut gallery.


That is unless you and I somehow get to know each other and that level of sarcasm is more acceptable.


Hopefully that was more clear than,"I am taking my ball and going home" which it seems my previous reply communicated, my apologies.

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Wow. How many smilies do I need to insert into a post to get anyone to see humor? If you can't take a joke, you need to stay off the interwebtubez. There will no doubt be more in your future.


Actually, you forgot the smiley! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :lol:


Hmmm, it seems 10 is the limit this system allows?

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