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Feeling great today, and new guy intro.

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Well, I took the SIFT today. Had taken the AFAST for my last packet in 2012, scored a 154. Was shooting for a 70 on the SIFT, and walked out with a 76. Feeling like I'm one step closer to my goal today. This was the last step for this packet. Once I have my LORs in hand(company, bn commanders, and two cw5s are working on LORs) I'll be ready to submit. I'll put my stats in the other thread for those.


A little bit about myself. I switched from the Air Guard to active Army a few years ago. Tried to do street to seat before enlisting, and put my first active duty packet in back in 2012. I will be submitting for the January 15 board, hopefully third time really is the charm.

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Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be on my way to Rucker soon.

To keep them out of the selected thread, I'll post my stats here.





Degree:AA in avionics


AFS:8 years in December

Already have a clearance, and don't need any waivers. I'm feeling very confident this go around. I'll be working on bringing up my pt, trying to have at least a 270 on it by next month.

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The conditional release actually wasn't too bad once I figured out who it needed to go to.


I could take a picture in utilities but it was reccomended to me to just wait and get a DA photo done at Bragg when I get back in Alphas, so thats what I'll do. I should make the Jan board either way.

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