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WOCS 15-015

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Nice, wish I would've got orders that soon lol. Kind of rough being selected but having to wait 9 months for school date. I'm just getting more stoked every day. What airframe you hoping to fly?


I know exactly what you mean! I was picked up in July board and my WOCS report date is 19 March... Time is dragging for sure..

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Cheese, naturally I would be very comfortable with recon, but they are taking the OH-58 away. So my second choice would be the AH-64, I believe working with the apaches down range is what really got my blood pumping, but in the end being able to fly multi functional missions between transporting troops, equipment, supplies, etc. on a daily basis and being behind the stick is what I'm after. I know it is very broad answer, but in the end I will be happy with what ever the Army puts me in.

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I will have to agree completely. I will be glad to fly whatever they let me. I'm partial to the Apache and Blackhawk because the 2 helos I have been with for the past 11 years fulfill those missions. 47s would be great bc of the shear power. Heck I'll even be happy if they stick me in a C-12 slot.

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