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Foreflight MFB

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Anyone know when was the last time they started giving out licenses? I read they had some more Jan 30th, but it looks like they ran out of money again. I just picked up an iPad, and have the request currently in with the NGA store.


I figured the next quarter ends in June so hopefully some more money by then, as I'd love to start flying with foreflight.


For those of you who got the MFB when they had the licenses, was it an instantaneous process of requesting the license and shortly getting approved or did it take like 24 hours for an actual human to process you?

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I got mine about 4 months ago. I called the guy directly and he approved my request- the POC information is on the website. I don't know if there are any licenses remaining, you'll have to inquire.


After approval, I checked on the GEOint application a few hours later and it was available to install on my iPad. By far the best IFR application I've used, with the added benefit of having all the DoD FLIP on it as well(with updates as required).

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In case it hasn't been broadcasted yet - this program has been terminated. If you lucked out and got the free MFB, it will expire 1 year from the you got it, and then you can either pay for it, or switch to the NGA Aero App.


Aero App is far inferior, but it is also not 250$ a year. It's free. NGA says they're working on something else , but I wouldn't hold my breath. You can thank all the non-aviators who got the free app for ruining it for everyone.

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