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Types of Helicopter pilot jobs


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This is my first post on here and I'm looking for some help. I have always had a passion for aviation ever since I was young, more specifically with helicopters. I'm a junior in college and I am trying to figure out what I want to do and what path to take. I know I will have to either go in the military to learn to fly or gonthe civilian route (which I know will be very expensive). If only there were ways to get around the costs on someone else's dime. I have greatly considered the coast guard as well as law enforcement to try and get into SAR type of work, but both come with a lot of sacrifice and commitment, and I know I will have to sacrifice a lot anyways so I'm willing to do that but I want to make sure what's the best fit for me. The only thing with the coast guard or any other branch of the military is the long contracts that I would be obligated to do. I've talked to pilots from both the USCG and other police departments and state police as well, but I want to know if there are any other agencies, such as federal or some type of SAR company, who have helicopters. I know the FBI, DEA and CBP all have some sort of aviation, but are there any else? How about other companies that preform some sort of SAR type of work? Lastly, what are some good corporate helicopter compaines? Because that's my long term goal after I get done doing other helicopter careers because I know it will require me to have a lot of flight hours. Thank you for your time and help and sorry for this very long message!

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Wanna know why it is only the long-return-of-service groups who train their own pilots?


It is darned expensive, and there is zero guarantee that the person they spend brazilians of dollars on training, is going to turn out OK. The scrub rate in the military is high, often 50% of the starters, and even then some duds get through.


When you go the civvy way of training, you are the one who decides if you are any good, judging by how long it takes you to reach the standard, and how much those extra hours have cost you. I had one student who took 70 hours to solo, and after that he quit because he knew he could never make it.


Then once you have your expensive licence you will take many years and thousands of hours of diverse experiences before a SAR group will look at you.


Yes, SAR looks glamorous, but you do not fly many hours, it is usually in weather that other people have covered their machines and gone home, and in terrain where you wish you had gone home too.


In these days of the milennials wanting instant gratification, it will not happen just by demanding it.


But you are just a kid, keep trying, make it happen.

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Isn't the coast guard not currently taking direct entry pilots who aren't already trained? I thought you had to be prior service.



Sorry, but I have no idea, I only said go Coast Guard because he said it was either that or LE and I'd rather be a sailor than a cop!

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