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Hauling a 206


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I'm looking to haul a 206B across the country. I know many will say to ferry the bird, but I feel hauling will save me more money. I have heard road vibrations can lead to damage in tailcone, rotors, pitchlinks, etc. I'm looking for some advice from those who have hauled a 206 and suggestions on trailer length, axle position, suspension, etc... I wouldn't mind hearing some horror stories on hauling if you have them too!

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Seen it done right and seen it done wrong...wrong could be an expensive mistake. You're taking the right step by researching thoroughly. Can't help personally but some good reading here:



If no one on the board can help on Bells maybe reach out to folks that do it regularly for advice:


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Well you could just find a lowtimer to pay you to ferry it!


,...but if you really want to ship it, Rotocraft Pro always has an ad in it from a company that hauls choppers! farreninternational.com



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Get a trailer that was built to haul around helicopters, they are out there. A lot of AG guys trailer everywhere. I trailered a Hiller from CA to NE, I took the blades off, strapped everything down nicely and no troubles.


The biggest mistake guys make is trying to "firm" them up: blocking under the tail, holding the blades rigid, etc...they NEED to be able to flex like they do it flight.

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