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Time building just south of Chicago 2017-2018

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Hello all,

I am a CFI in northern Illinois and I have access to a nice 2013 R22. It will be going up for time building in early to mid December. It is for rated pilots who want to build time. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around (I'm not looking to make a lot on the review just enough to cover expenses like $20 for the review) this is more of a service so that you can build time and get a little bit better value. The rate will be $150 an hr without fuel included (dry), 25hr minimum. Again not to be used for primary instruction.

If you want more details contact me.


  • It will be available starting early to mid December
  • The rate will be $150 an hr without fuel included (dry)
  • 25hr minimum
  • No primary instruction at this price (primary instruction is available at a higher price)
  • Flight reviews or other small instructional items can be done
  • Low time pilots welcome (but may need a check out to meet insurance requirements)
  • Contact RentacopterLLC@gmail.com

UPDATE: The rate has changed as of 01/01/2018 to $165 (dry)

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Im sure you have a listing for your time building opportunity as well, so if you don't mind I would appreciate you not coming on my listing saying how yours is better. As you will not find me doing this on yours, its tacky at best. I had an offer, it is an honest offer and I tossed it up for anyone who might be interested.

Thank you.

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We have top of the line insurance 20k+ for a single R22 per year. Insurance company in general do not like low time operators, they often set limits as to how much time you have in type before you are covered or you have to get a check out/ fly with a CFI. Our insurance limit is 25hrs in type that was what I meant by "low time".


Sorry about that you are right I should have been more clear.

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