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Forever waiting

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Greetings Aviators and fellow hopefuls,


I've been reading through this forum for a little while now and wanted to break the ice...


I'm an Active Duty Public Affairs/Combat Documentation NCO, stationed at Ft Carson. I have been passionate about flying for many years, but never got off my butt and did anything about it... until now.


I completed my W1 Flight Physical at Carson and submitted to Rucker back in September. My Warrant accessions packet is 90% complete (awaiting the thumbs up on my physical). I check the vfso.rucker link Every Day (the waiting game is killing me), but still nothing. The Group Surgeon/Flight Doc called to Rucker directly and asked for it to be expedited on account of upcoming deployment(s), but still nothing.


I feel like I have a solid shot at becoming an Army Aviator, but my concern is my Age/AFS. I have exceptional LoRs (USASOC CCWO, 10th SFG(A) CCWO & O-6/Commander, O-4/supervisor, and a fixed-wing CW4 aviator), my resume is on point; its just getting my Age/AFS waivers approved that concerns me.

Every aviator I have spoken with have stressed the Army's severe lack of qualified pilots, and have told me that it would be crazy for the board to NS my packet. But, I still have my concerns. I'm 37 and just hit 12 years Active Duty. I'm in the best shape of my life, thanks to running around working and training with Green Berets every day. One aviator, who seemed a little salty, told me "there's a snowballs chance in hell that you'll get your waivers approved. we need young pilots, and pilots who will stay in past their initial ADSO." To which I told him that 18-year olds have just as bad of a track record of getting out after their first ADSO and chasing commercial $$, so I didn't see the point of that argument. Thoughts?

If you made it through my wall of text, thanks for reading. I'd appreciate any feedback you're willing to give. Personal experience is always welcome!!

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Well let me start off by saying anything is possible so never give up hope.


However age and TIS are tough.


TIS is the hardest because you offer little to no time left before pension. Compared to someone under 10 years who has at least a decade to offer the army.


There have been many seemingly qualified guys on the forums not get their TIS waiver accepted.


But again. There is an exception to everything. For example the CW5 who did my package said for SIFT scores they are looking for guys close to 60 or above to be competitive. Yet there have been quite a few forum members get accepted in the 40s.


So the only thing you can do is put in the package and see what happens. Best of luck

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Thanks for the feedback! As much as I hate facing steep odds, I dont plan on giving up at all. It sucks trying to make such a drastic career change so "late" in my military career, but win lose or draw I'm gonna keep pushing forward! I would gladly stay in the army for the next 10+ years if I'm able to fly :)

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After several issues with my Physical (namely the Flight Doc forgetting to send in ALL the forms), I got my stamp back - approved. Now I'm sitting in Afghanistan... just submitted my packet for the May board.


Yup, I'm old... but I'll never know if I don't try. Wish me luck for the May board! =D

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