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So, what do you put in the "remarks" section of your logbook?


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In the remarks section I'll include anything pertinent; who else I flew with when with a crew, the aircraft callsign, if assigned, field or approach conditions, type and identification of the instrument approach if applicable, and for utility operations, particulars. For example, if spraying a field with herbicide, I'll include the winds in case there's a drift claim later. If I'm flying the flight for a particular carrier or operator, I'll note that, too. If there was something abnormal, an emergency, or something noteworthy in that respect, I'll record it, which makes referring back to that flight easier later on if needed. When doing fires, I'll note the fire name or number, gallons carried, etc. Because I log the day and not each flight, I'll list the number of loads taken to the fire, and other relevant details.


A logbook is a legal document. It's also a sort of journal. If there's something memorable or noteworthy about the day or the flight, include that. I've included notes if the wife or kids flew, or it was on a birthday or other event, just to mark the day.


Checkrides and other events are also noted in the remarks, and if here's not enough room, I'll use the rest of the line in between the flight time in the column of the logbook to put in the details. Most flights aren't that noteworthy.

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