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Street to Seat WOFT packet help

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Hi im currently filling out my WOFT packet for street to seat and was wondering if i could get some tips to best further my chances. I am a recent Highschool graduate and have taken all the way up to the SIFT at this time. im scheduling a Flight Physical at the moment and working hard to get 90's in each category of the PT test. im working on getting in contact with flight Warrents for LOR. My uncle retired as a CW4 and is helping me out with it but i was wondering on any other way to get in contact with people for LOR's. any other advice on the WOFT for me would be gladly appreciated.

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shoot me a PM, I was straight out of college but I got a lot of help from a local ROTC branch, and found some LOR's on this site. You should see if your Uncle has any buddies that wouldn't mind helping you with an LOR. An LOR can be from retired CWO's, Commissioned officer, and for civilians they will even accept an LOR from your former principle or someone of importance. Key factors in your packet, aside from scores on your exams, are your essay and resume. Talk up any volunteer work, any special projects you've done to help improve your community. Have your recruiting batallion host a mock interview before you go in front of captains and an LTC.

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Just cold call man. Be agressive. You may only make 50% of your shots, some may not engage you, but if you walk away with 1 or 2 LORs then you did your job.

LORs from people who know you are very important but if you need a senior CWO to endorse you and don't know one, I found 2 that appreciated my willingness to travel, walk into a unit with confidence and ask for help to build my career. They made me earn the LOR but they were more than willing to help.

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